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#1 rule is we DO NOT hold dogs for anyone !  If your application is approved for a dog , 5 other
people may have been approved for the same dog and it is first come first serve after the
applications are approved.  If you submit an application you need to be ready to come that day to
get the dog or puppy because it may not be here the next day.  

OK Adopt A Dog is a 501 c 3 non profit organization.  Gregg and I run this dog rescue from our
property here in Harrah, Ok.  We take in as many unwanted, abused, beaten and left behind animals
as we can.  It breaks our heart to see so many animals in need.  We are huge believers in Spaying
and Neutering.  It is the only way to stop so many from being euthanized daily.   

Gregg is a Police Officer and together we run this rescue.  We do not take an income from the
rescue.  That is why your donations are so important. We have to rely on your donations to keep the
rescue going.  We both volunteer our time, money, vehicles, gas, property and our home for the
animals.  We do all this work for free.  Every donation is very important to this rescue.  We take in a
lot of German Shepherds who have been seriously injured and who are on death row.            

We went through Wild Fires in 2011 that pretty much wiped our facility out.  We are trying to rebuild
and we thank everyone who has supported us through this ordeal.

Besides our regular adoptions we also take in unwanted dogs who have a very high ball drive. That
means the dog is over the top crazy for his ball or toy.  If the dog is taken out of his or her
enviroment they are completely focused on their ball.  These dogs will be donated for service dogs
for the police and or the public in need of a good service dog. Some of dogs will end up as drug
dogs or dual purpose police dogs. Others will end up in a service position such as search and
rescue, tracking, therapy and special needs companion dogs. This type of a dog needs a job to do.
See donated service dogs )

Go Green is our belief !!!!!!  We collect aluminum cans and cash them in and use that money to help
with spaying and neuterings.  Please save your cans we would be delighted to get them, Thank

Why your donations are so important to this rescue. Just a few of the most recent critically injured
dogs we have saved and rehabilitated not to mention the thousands and thousands we have saved

and had
spayed or neutered and found homes for over the years.
Happy Tails
Tank was left behind by his owner.  Tank had a female partner and little puppies who were also left
behind.  She and the puppies starved to death and died on the streets. Tank was on his last leg
when he walked up to a Police Officer on a traffic stop and stood there and starred as to say Please
Help Me.  The Officer talked to neighbors in the area and they said he had been wondering the
streets hungry covered in mange.  With no one else offering to take him in we took him as the
pound was going to kill him the next day.  Tank has turned into a great German Shepherd. Above is
his before and after pics.     
Heidi's family moved off and left her in the house.  It was
months before a neighbor finally called authorities.  Heidi
had nothing to eat and only the toilet water to drink.  She
was on deaths door when she made it to the pound.  They
were going to euthanize her. Her only chance was if we
were willing to take her. The first pic is when she arrived at
the pound. She was in such bad shape they thought she
was 10 years old.  Second pic is the day we carried her out
of the pound.  She was unable to walk on her own.  Third pic
was a few weeks after she had been with us.  She was
improving slowly but surely.  Last pic is her today ! she is 2
years old.       
Reba was at the local pound
after being hit by a car.  She
was held for days waiting on
her owner to claim her, which
never happened.  She could
not stand or walk so she laid
in her urine for days. We
agreed to take her so she was
not euthanized. Her before pic
of her in shock and in pain.
Second pic is of her
recovering. Last pic is her
today !    
One eyed Jack was at a kill shelter about to be euthanized.  Someone dropped him off there saying
he had been hit very hard in the head.  His eye was hanging out.  I agreed to take him but about
vomited when I actually saw him in person. The sight of his poor eye hanging was more than this
girl could handle.  And I have seen a lot of bad things.  The first pic was when we picked him up.  
Second pic was Jack going to the vet. Third pic is after surgery.  He came back here to recover.  
Last pic is Jack today waiting on a forever home.